Rye Fields

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Dress. Boomerang/ Hat. Balmuir

A walk through these pale coloured rye fields is like a breath of fresh air as I stare into the open horizon and allow my senses to soak it all in. It is that smell after the rain and the silence all around us that gives me a sense of peace,  a refreshing change to be in the countryside from the city. The last couple of days have been all about organic produce from the garden, fresh cray fish and spending time with my family and little nephew. We went to the sauna, dipped in the cold lake and took a long walk in the wilderness and slept well, as you always do in an old wooden cottage. There is that quiet beauty here, a place to recharge your thoughts and create that optimal rhythm for life.

With every careful step I try not to damage any of the crop, the rough rye sweeps across my leg and my dress gently drapes over the field. The wind ruffles the hem and a group of storks fly past us and I feel that the end of summer is close by. The air has changed and the sun rays are more gentle. It gives me a tingle in my stomach, as this means our wedding is closer. I feel nervous, excited and a bit of stress from all the undone,  so the tranquility of the rural fields allows me to embrace the silence and connect with the natural world.

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