countryside breakfast

‘finding happiness in the small’

A calm mind is a happy mind and waking up at the countryside will do just that to you. Lately I’ve been so absorbed with all the wedding planning, I’ve forgotten to reflect on the nuanced textures of life, just the small things that bring me a sence of happiness. For a visual addict, these textures and observations are fairly important. Being at the countryside in a distraction-free zone allows me to fully relax and appreciate the nordic beauty around me. It is the sound of my nephew snuggling in his bed as I walk down the creaking wooden stairs from our bedroom to greet our amazing dog that always smiles. It is that first cup of piping hot black tee in the garden, while others are still in bed. The steam rises from the cup disappearing into the air so gracefully, quite theatrically really. I’m snuggled into a large knit and woolen socks and all this makes me feel cozy and joyful. As I sip on my tea, the occasional apple drops from the tree onto the wet grass ready to be eaten. Being able to garnish my bowl of porridge from berries straight from the bush and apples from the tree, is a rarity that I love. My colourful bowl spills with red and black currant, strawberries, gooseberries, apples and fresh mint. Being present in this moment and capturing the feeling on camera is something I yearn to remember and seek for in life. As Christina Greve (my photography mentor) says, time and mental space is critical when absorbing these small things and stimulating senses that then in return improve creativity. Just spending a bit of time here and looking around the august nature has allowed me to re-connect with myself again that I have lost with all the hectic things going on in the city. Beautiful organic moments like these are something I want to spend more time on, being present in the beauty of nature gives me a sense of peace and gratitude.







A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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