The last morning before the wedding ♥




Soon to be Mrs.

It’s a beautiful sunny morning at 7.30 am and I’m sitting here writing this post drinking my oatmilk matcha latte, topped with fresh mint of course. Our big day of together forever is tomorrow and I cannot help but get a little emotional and the pit in my stomach is a mixture of excitement and crazy nerves. I’m such a sensitive person to begin with (hint hint I cried all throughout my brothers and sister-in-laws special day) and I find weddings to be so beautiful and touching in general. Now that its my own special day, it has a new meaning and a whole new feeling that I cannot even describe. I feel grateful and blessed to be in this moment in my life with so many wonderful people around me who are coming to celebrate this day, with us. I’ve been checking the weather forecast all week and now the sunny forecast has changed to a small possibility of rain, which means our ceremony might have to be moved inside from the seafront. At first it made me sad, but when I actually start thinking about the bigger meaning and symbolism of me uniting with my true love, makes me the happiest woman alive. I’m finally marrying my soul mate, my best friend and the rock in my life for already almost 8 years.  This post is dedicated to all things good in life, the blessing of family and believing in great love. I’ve always believed in that one soul mate, you might just have to go through a few to find that one for you. Love is all about understanding and compromising to make that perfect balance work for both parties. A great relationship takes effort and thought, we’ve learned that balance and created a solid foundation for marriage.

* Another sip of delicious matcha I take*… my morning has also been all about finalizing my gorgeous bridesmaids bouquets, simple clouds of delicate baby’s breath, romantic and sensual and quite effortless. I have the support of these amazing ladies on the most important day of my life and it means the world to me to have them standing right by my side. Each woman is composed of qualities that makes me proud to be their friend and tonight we will toast with a glass of champagne for the beauty of life. We will be friends for ever, even if we are scattered across the globe. These woman give me chills and make my life a better place. Tomorrow I will become a Mrs. and I cannot wait to see all our amazing friends and family gather together to enjoy this day with Mr. N and I. Until then 

ps. Mr. N and I are leaving on a months honeymoon to trot across italy and the islands of greek so I will officially be taking a silence from here, but promise to be back with great photos!



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  1. Such a beautiful post! Wish u all the best, I’m sure it will be a beautiful day! Which part of Italy are u visiting ? 😘😘P.s. I always cry at wedding too😥

    • Thank you so much Silvy <3 So sweet of you! We are driving across to all our favourite spots and also exlporing a couple of new ones. We start from piemonte and drive down to Puglia =) Weddings are the best <3

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