Spoleto,  Umbria Italy

Plotted on a hillside, Spoleto is a beautiful artsy town with one major pathway leading up through the winding streets up to the 12th century duomo, that is a fine sight set against a backdrop of lush valleys.

Walking up the pathway, you are mesmerized with pastel walls, medieval architecture, dashes of colour from both ends of the spectrum and grand arches, a mark that is left by the Romans. Spoleto is a dream to photograph as the light is captured and cornered in different nooks depending on the time of the day. It is gentle and dramatic, an admirable little town and a “historical picnic” according to lonely planet.

Today the town is known for its festival called Festival dei Due Mondi, a party of many days that includes opera, dancing, music and art. Mr. N and I loved the walk through the old town, we stopped for some amazing espresso, shopped in cheese shops, spice shops and obviously stopped for a glass of wine during our hike.



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