Mykonos, Greece

A reputation of being a party-hard glamour island that fills with fashionistas and A-listers during the summer, this little town has a mindset of being a mix of Ibiza and Southern France. However, we visited in late September that is much more pleasant personally, as it was still extremely hot but clearly it being close to end of season the beaches and clubs were less crowded and local life was much more evident. The island is at constant growth due to its much-like Santorini boom that shows in the construction of new boutique hotels, restaurants and bars. The island is a whitewashed maze, where you can easily get lost between the little streets that were originally built as pirate distractions. The the most stunning blue doors at every hidden corner and each white step to another path, the visual appeal is just right, especially during early mornings. Apparently, there is a famous pelican in Mykonos as well that wonders the empty streets, yet we did not meet the little fellow!

Obviously I was instantly inspired by all of my surroundings, the copious amounts of white Greek architecture with piercing blue add-ons surrounded with a turquoise ocean that was as picturesque as picturesque comes.  I’m infatuated with the soft angles and symmetrical structure found all over the island. Our day started with a bowl of local thick greek yogurt with walnuts and honey by the sea overlooking the clear water. It doesn’t really get much better than that and ps the honey in Greece tastes marvelous.

Winding our way through the maze of Mykonos’ painted streets is dreamy and magical, popping in the occasional designer store like Chanel, linen stores or a Dom Perignon lounge.  Bougainvillea still bursts from trees clashing beautifully against the reflecting walls and cats wander around the cobbled paths that creates an instant charm. Despite its party-life reputation and tourist trap, life still goes on for the locals and it was a pleasure to capture them in action in the morning buying fish by the sea, enjoying a coffee or heading to one of their many cute church’s. We stopped for lunch at one the most captured pinterest spots right on the edge of the sea and enjoyed fresh fish of the day and the most amazing spring-roll type starter with tsatsiki and honey. Mykonos







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