December 20th

Since Sunday, there has been a basket full of forest goodies standing on our kitchen table waiting to be used for decorating the house. Early morning today I woke up to the sound of ships honking their horns trying to navigate their way through the heavy fog, the weather was damp and unclear barely visible. So, as I couldn’t sleep anymore I decided to finally brew some home-made glögi that is a favourite tradition of mine that I do a few days before christmas. My hubby and dog are still fast asleep, it is really dark in the house but really quite cozy in the candle light. The apple clementine glögi makes the kitchen smell divine spreading the house with christmas spirit. I love the smell of star anise and cloves. While the glögi was brewing I started making a wreath from lingonberry, blueberry and juniper branches that will be used for decorating the table setting on Christmas eve. I love the way juniper branches look paired with large roses or tulips, the blue and geen pearls suit beautifully a festive bouquet. This evening I’m going to a Christmas concert with a friend that my lovely hubby got us some tickets to. This morning brought a little joy home, in comparision to what is happening in this crazy world outside. Count your blessings and make the most of little things. Let’s have a safe Christmas

Apple Clementine Glögi

This makes great substitute for tea gives you that instant winter feeling from all the glorious spices.  You need good quality apple juice that you gentle simmer in a saucepan. To this, add a cinnamon stick, dried ginger, a couple of cloves and star anise. Then add some clementine slices (remember to wash them well) and their leaves into the juice. I didn’t add any sugar, but you can add some at this point if you prefer it sweeter. Place a lid onto the saucepan and turn the heat off and let it intensify in flavour from a half an hour to an hour. Re-heat the glögi when served. You can add some apple cider/vodka/white wine/rum to the juice if you want a more festive drink for the evening!






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