‘A dream come true’… By far the best day of last year or probably of our lives was the day Mr. N and I said our “I do’s” in September. As Mr. N gave me all authority over visual aspects of our wedding, so from the start I had a clear vision of how I wanted our day to look like; soft, sensual with a twist of natural Scandinavian beauty blended with Mediterranean touches. I knew I wanted olive branches in my bouquet, braids in my hair and a dress that would take my breath away, I got them all..

We much debated on whether to have the wedding in Italy or Finland, but for the ease and comfort we decided to keep it back home in Helsinki so everyone could attend. We chose a venue right by our house, an island with a yacht club and a beautiful boat shed that opens its doors to the open sea. Then and there, I knew it was the spot for our outdoor ceremony. That “barn” affect gives the atmosphere an immediate cozy feeling, making the vibe “less stiff” and full of character. Effortless beauty was the style of our pinterest wedding, the key word being simplicity. We wanted the sea and nature to be apart of it all as it much reflects our personalities.

I also had a vision of how I wanted the invites to look like; minimal with small lettered text printed on good quality paper. We used a cute little nautical logo of our initials that reoccurred on the menu cards as well. The invite gives the guests the first impression, so it needed to give a platform for the entire party.


The morning. It was a surprisingly calm morning, I had got some sleep the previous night and I woke up at 6am to take Bella out for a walk. The hectic day started already at 8.30, so I wanted a slow moment to myself, eat proper breakfast and take a long walk outside before all my bridesmaids came over. I was nervous about the weather, but the sea was at an absolute stillness and the sun was rising beautifully and it looked promising to have the ceremony outdoors, which is never a given in September on an island that is sensitive to wind. I wasn’t nervous, everything had been planned to the tee and gone over (with an excel sheeted itinerary) more than enough times. Mr. N slept over at one of his bestmans house and we didn’t speak a word prior to the ceremony. My biggest downfall in organizing something this big is that I love to have absolute control over everything and from early on, I realized it was too big to take on myself and I needed to let go of the reins. The best advice I was given was to let go of all “stress” on the day of the wedding and enjoy every minute to its fullest as it flashes by in a second. This is so true and we thoroughly enjoyed the day that was filled with happy tears and lots of laughter.

The dress. In terms of dress, I have always been attracted to unconventional styles that are soft and bohemian and fell in love with the first dress I saw. I didn’t look any further.

I knew I wanted something long-sleeved, an open back that has beautiful detailing on it. I couldn’t have been more happier considering I ordered it from abroad without ever having tried it on. The dress came from Australia from Grace loves lace and it took 6 months to make from delicate French lace, the hand work is just to die for. I totally forgot I had to pay a huge import tax when it arrived to Finland, but despite this.. the dress is pure perfection and amazing light on.


Getting ready with my girls…

After hair and makeup was complete, all my amazing bridesmaids got ready dressing into hues of blush. Blush was an easy choice for bridesmaid dresses as everyone was happy with the colour and it blends wonderfully with my dress giving little contrast, being an important factor when considering the photos. A cold shaded blush is timeless and I never get bored with it and it looks lovely with delicate bouquets of baby’s breath that each one carried. The overall feeling suits a gentle nordic style wedding. They all looked so amazing, I couldn’t have been more proud of each one. 

Time went by so quickly, we popped open some champagne, had macaroons and ordered some sushi before we realized that we needed to start heading over to the boat that takes us to the island. We needed to be there an hour prior to everyone as often guests come way too early and we did not want to risk being seen. I can say it was a close call!







hanna_niko118 hanna_niko187



and then it was time to get married… at this point my nervous were kicking in. I shed a few tears talking to my girls and then it was time to go! 

Photo credit: Ania Padzik








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