‘Understated Beauty’


“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

We said our “I do’s” under a birch arch of baby’s breath and eucalyptus leaves, with the sea at the edge of our feet and the rustic red boat shed venue behind us. The setting gave me goosebumps, it was a burst of emotion where our priest spoke beautifully that was short and meaningful. I can’t believe that after almost eight years of spending our lives together, we are finally Mr & Mrs. Neither of us had cold feet towards marriage, it is something special to us and we are glad we waited a good amount of time to build a solid foundation together. We know each other inside out and after so long we still tell each other numerous amounts of day that we love each other. Yes, he leaves his socks lying around the house and I am a total control freak, but despite our flaws, together we make it work.  Nothing has changed now that we are married, which is probably the way it should be. I’m guessing a great marriage isn’t something that just happens, it’s something that must be created. After all these years, we have learned to work together and keeping together is a work-in progress that we must not take for granted. We have discussed that we are together because we want to be and we make each other happy, it’s really as simple as that.

After we were wedded, there was an outdoor cocktail hour with a saxophonist and canapés, so guests could mingle while my new hubby and I took some pictures. After that session we moved indoors to eat, followed by beautiful speeches and lots of happy tears. After dinner we had cake, our first dance that was followed by a dj and dancing till early hours of the morning. The party was so much fun and time went by way too fast!

Mr. N and I wanted our portrait pictures to have a relaxed feeling, not too posed and quite delicate in style. I absolutely love minimal contrast, the almost over-exposed effect that becomes very soft in pictures. I chose to forgo the traditional wedding dress style in favour of a sleek contemporary creation with a somewhat “wild” off-white bouquet. I was drawn in by the understated beauty of the dress and bouquet, everything about the feeling spoke to me. Actually, that really describes our wedding in two words; understated beauty. It is humbly elegant, where less is more. 

We had olive branch runners placed through the narrow tables and a selection of white and greenish blooms and various candles to set the ambiance. Our naked cakes followed through with the minimalistic beauty, with unconventional flavours. The main cake being an olive oil vanilla flavour, also a strawberry mascarpone and lastly a chocolate chip vanilla with a whiskey caramel drizzle that seemed to be a major hit. It was elegantly decorated with minimal olive branches and austen roses.

We ended the evening with a pretty glorious sunset, amazing people who came to celebrate us, a pink sky and excitement for the future.



















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Photo credit: Ania Padzik










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