Dreamy cappuccino Moments


Buongiorno, un cappuccino per favore as I order another frothy cappuccino with my wobbly Italian skills.  My lips touch the hot coffee from these darling porcelain cups with cracks and creeks, full of rustic charm as I watch my hubby pipe down his second espresso. The sun is beginning to warm the chilled ground and it feels good to touch the bare tiles with my toes as I slide my feet off from these sandals. There are fresh flowers on ever table, every coffee table and literally every corner I turn to… I think I finally have found someone who enjoys blooms as much as I do. Every bouquet takes my breath away and mornings like these are much needed, quite frankly in everyone’s lives. Breakfast in Southern Italy is exceptional, all fruits and vegetable are home grown and food just tastes better under the rising sun. Mornings here are unpretentious, instagram worthy and full of delicious relaxing moments.







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