Trani, Puglia

A charismatic coastal town, Trani surrounds with turquoise clear waters that fulfills my seafood cravings in every single way. There is a beautiful aura to this chic little place, the mornings begin with fishermen selling their fresh catch at the shore front, while locals sip on their morning coffees reading the paper. Life is calm here and the people are warm and friendly. The colours of the streets are harmonious in beige with the occasional cyan door passing you buy. I couldn’t get enough of the blue fishing boats, the taste of the fresh sea urchins and numerous plates of grilled seafood and of course some fior di latte for dessert. Trani is a complete food town, that lives off great restaurants and cozy to visit for a few days. It has similar vibes to Monopoli and Otranto or Polignano al mare that are some of our favourite places on the coast line.




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