Colourless beauty


At the end of the pier…

February is a scenery of grey tones, lighter longer days and a glimpse of hope that spring will come knocking on the door in a few months.  I love the unsaturated colour palette at this moment in time, when the frost covered trees turn a sage-like shade and the sea and sky have a paleness to it that is calming in many ways. The colourless beauty creates a stillness, a sense of ease, before spring blossoms and brings re-life with its splashes of colour. I’ve never been a huge fan of too many mixed colours, its chaotic and unbalanced and maybe that is why I feel comfortable in this setting. It is the simplicity of nature that has an empowering element, that helps unfold creativity and straighten my thoughts. It’s a very nordic way of thinking, but somehow there is a strong connection between the person and nature. This place, at the end of the pier staring into the endless horizon gives me a feeling of gratitude that ultimately shapes the quality of my life. I love the mood in these picturfur-vest1-1-of-1es, make-up less and quite raw but somehow there is a balance between me and the colourless background.






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