Pink Valentines


Valentines day, a poets holiday that is a reminder of gratitude towards our friendships and loved ones and behind all the commercialized materialism is a beautiful meaning that should be present in all our lives as much as possible. Kindness and positivity can go a long way and even a simple smile can change the course of someones day. In a world full of tempory things, my husband, family and friends are a perpetual feelings that I count my blessings for. May this luscious bouquet of pink roses be a reminder of what my relationships should be like the other 364 days. Life is short and unpredictable, we should be united and be good to each other and ourselves, Happy Valentines Day darlings! And Ps. all my wonderful single gals, don’t let this holiday get you down, rather turn it around and make it all about loving and treating yourself better because you deserve it! In fact, valuing yourself is where all the good stems from





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