Otranto Dreams

Otranto, Puglia

We fell in love with this little coastal town a few years ago and decided to return back on our honeymoon, as we drove across Italy. Last time we lived in the old town right at seafront, but this year we stayed in a nearby masseria and drove here for lunch. Otranto is small and cozy, luxurious in seafood where the water is turquoise as it sits next to the Adriatic coast. Just like many other little towns in Puglia, the streets intertwine with cute archways, numerous stairs, pastel walls, hanging pomegranate trees and little corners that are pinterest worthy.

This town also has one of the best mussle soups I have ever tasted that is made from a thick tomato reduction that I have craved for the last 2 years. Southern Italy is the epitome of slow food, old cities, captivating countrysides and intriguing baroque architecture that creates a foundation for the alluring life in Puglia. There is a real appreciation for fresh-pressed olive oil, primitivo wines, old-fashioned pasta making, seafood and local organic food. Otranto is white and soft in colour that really comes to life when the sun reflects the winding white-washed streets and is most enjoyable when you can look out to sea while digging your fingers in the freshest of seafood. This is our happy place



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