Furnirussi Tenuta, Southern Italy

This year we revisited Furnirussi Tenuta (read more here) on our honeymoon, a lovely luxurious masseria close to Otranto. Surrounded in a fig plantation, I was looking forward to walking around the estate and eating as many figs as possible but unfortunately we missed the harvest by a week and instead indulged in all the homemade jams. Mornings here are perfect as you open the hotel room door to a greeting of lavender bushes and breakfast begins with a foamy cappuccino and a rustic mozzarella tomato rosemary bread. It was so lovely to relax by the pool, sip on rosé and be dined by their restaurant. The food was simply amazing. I have to say that hospitality here is at its finest, I got a really high fever here one evening (40 degrees celcius) and the hotel owner arranged a doctor into our room, expense free, even though the closest hospital was 2 hours away. I ended having a throat virus that is called “angina” in Finnish and the hotel manager was kind enough to drive Mr. N to get medicine from the pharmacy. Sad that I got sick, but I was lucky to get sick here with their warmest service and most comfortable bed. I got better really quickly, thanks to strong Italian meds and I couldn’t have been more grateful to Furnirussi’s service.


A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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