Wild Flowers & PJ outfits


Wild flowers

Happiness: is it just a day or the wave of the future? Picking wild flowers in the meadows of Italy puts a smile on my face. Walking barefoot on cold limestone tiles, smelling the fresh herbs that seem to be planted in every available pot and falling into the mindset of a true countryside Italian that is to live life with intention and to appreciate it all. There is a softness to my outfit as the blooms follow the pattern of the hem, the blouse and silk shorts almost reflect a pj and the dainty bouquet is just as delicate. I love the feeling in these pictures, the sun is about to go down and my hubby and I were talking about life just enjoying a simple moment. I’ve noticed the sheer beauty of nature gives me inspiration it makes me want to be stronger, more humble, look beyond the imperfections, have no regrets and kiss slowly. Embracing positivity and a healthy lifestyle gives me a fundamental basis for being more happy. The older I get, the more I’ve learned not to compare myself to others and follow other people’s success because you as an individual create your own story. I feel we all bring something to the table in our own unique ways and there is no reason for  jealously or comparison. It can be such a tainting element to your own happiness even though it can be difficult with social media, when following fabulous insta photos on a daily basis. However, you never know what there is behind each story and therefore it is important to embrace self-worth, have self-discipline but let your creative mind run wild. I’ve noticed that having a routine is so important for me; waking up early as that is when I am most productive, sleeping well and eating the right way of course with the occasional mishaps! Sometimes the spontaneous happenings are the best ones! Having a positive outlook on life can be very inspirational and I need to practise that myself as well! Have a great weekend and let’s make happiness a longterm mindset…



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