Macarons & one shoulders

In bed with a few favourites…

Statement shirts have really caught my eye this spring and while off-the-shoulder blouses will continue to hold a special place in my closet, all signs point to one-shoulder shirts being the new off-the-shoulder shirts. At this very moment I cannot resist eclectic, a bit more dramatic blouses that make a statement with their ruffles, exaggerated bell or balloon sleeves and that one sleeve-mania that allows you a smooth transition to the end of spring. This shirt is otherwise fairly streamlined in design, fresh with the blue and white stripes and unmanicured edges, but totally eye-catching and sexy with the oversized ruffles and reveled collarbone. Button down shirts are a classic but adding cascading frills, unsymmetrical layering counteracts the sleekness adding a good amount of modern to the look. Breaking the rules with texture and dimension seems to be the ideology behind these spring shirts and I am just as obsessed with the “sleeve- phenomenon” as any other woman!

Its raining at the moment, so there is nothing better than a little break in bed with chocolate covered hazelnut macaroons with a soft ganache in the middle, a cup of white tea, pink blooms and playing dress up with all your favourite pieces. These pale beige macarons are a small treat, but each bite brings a gush of happiness!



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