Northern Italy

As fall progresses, we drive through acres of our favourite wine regions and we know the harvest or ” la vendemmia” as the locals would say is nearly upon us. We love the sophistication of the north, walking through the hills of Piedmont, stopping at manners for lunch to taste their delicacies and visiting the wine archives. We curve through the beautiful lush roads that is a vision in itself and notice more activity in the vineyards. Pickers have boxes filled with vibrant purple grapes beneath them and we smell the fermenting grapes in the afternoon air as we catch up behind a grape truck. The harvest is an all hand effort here and each grape is treated with delicate care that is picked during the best time for optimum maturity.

Barolo is often described as the best of the wine regions and this little charming village is idyllic and worth the visit. We drove into Barolo a few times just for the great food, my favourite being the slow roasted veal cheek and of course vitello tannato for lunch. The little town is refined where everything revolves around tasting the rich bounties of the regions famous soil. The tiny streets fill with winery-owned “enotecas” (wine shops) and the locals explain Barolo reds feature infinite complexity with a rich palate of dark fruits and earthy tones. After lunch, a strong espresso picked us right back up to explore the beautiful old streets of the town.







A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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