‘Rustic charm in the old town of Tallinn, Estonia’

Last Saturday Mr. N and I took a day trip with his family to Tallinn to spend some quality time on the other side of the sea. We were extremely lucky with the beautiful weather, we arrived on the early ferry and spent the day shopping, walking around the old town and enjoying a slow delicious lunch. We usually have one specific restaurant that we love (Leib Resto & Aed) as it has amazing food and a courtyard surrounded with castle walls that makes it cozy for lunch al fresco. However this time we tried a new place (Restaurant Moon) that was recommended by my sister-in-law and her husband. It did not disappoint, on the contrary the food was spectacular and we sat outside on a Parisian-esq terrace that had cracked walls and stairways surrounded with romantic iron tables. I ate a veal tartar with foie gras and some frothy blinis in true Baltic style. Every dish was outstanding and we will for sure go back again.  We sipped on sparkling rosé and took in the gentle sunshine and it felt like summer had truely arrived. The meal ended with a sweet taste in my mouth from a cappuccino and a few spoons of my sister-in-laws pavlova.

After strolling through the flower market, I couldn’t resist to admire all the peonies and had to get a bouquet with large pink and white buds. They were gorgeous and walking around the old town looking at old pastel architecture and taking in the lingering aroma of the peonies made everything that much more pleasurable. Tallinn’s old town is filled with rustic charm, chipped walls and colourful doors with cute alleyways that lead you to little handcrafts and tea shops.

Restaurant tip: Moon (address: Vorgu 3, Tallinn 10415)



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