Fringed out.

‘fringes, fishnets & slippers

fringe jackets make their way back into style every spring and despite me being two years late, I finally jumped on the band wagon as well. Maybe the right kind of jacket just needed to come my way, as I instantly fell in love with this fair coloured beige suede number. I was really inspired by the 2017 Dior cruise collection in Santa Monica where festival inspired fashion met fringes, bolero hats and pleaded skirts while the setting showcased a desert-like backdrop with hot air balloons. This jacket is right up that ally in style, with the cropped back, stitched details and fringes falling down the sleeves and back. I’ve combined the jacket to a simple puffy sleeved off-the-shoulder shirt, leather pants and finished the look with fishnet socks and slip on espadrilles. I like to combine fridges with something sleek and away from the country-esq style as I think that ends up looking a bit too cliché. Ps. Anything slipper is a current favourite of mine and even thought these are not the furry Gucci ones, I think they are funky with the little ruffles on the edges.









A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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