Paris, France

As the buckles from my ankle boots jingle from every step, my silky turquoise floral robe flaps behind as a gush of wind hits my face as we stroll down the street of Rue Cler. One morning we decided to head here for breakfast as I scouted a little cute cafe (L’ Eclair) for us back from home. The terrace was filled with locals having their morning cigarette, black coffee and jammed toast and along the street workers were setting up their stalls for the market. After sipping on a pot of tea and eating some creamy scrambled eggs, baguette and croissants, for dessert we treated ourselves to some just-baked caramel eclairs that flaked from the crust and melted beautifully in the middle. It was so good, a little salty and creamy in the vanilla fudge and airy and light on the outside. We walked along the morning market visited all the little shops from cheese and delicacy shops to little boutiques. My friend bought a pair of sunglasses and I couldn’t walk past the flower shops. If you are looking for some picnic goodies, I would say come here for a good selection of fresh berries, cheeses, meats, baguette, pastries and wine. We walked past a peonie-filled flower shop and typically I couldn’t resist myself from buying a pink bouquet that not only matched quite nicely with my red lips but made my clichĂ© Parisan moment just perfect.






A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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