Red Florals & Seafood Bars in St. Germain

Paris, France

Suggested by the guardian and the New York times, I really wanted to try out a tiny seafood (mainly oysters) bar called Huitrerie Regis on 3 Rue de Montfaucon in Saint Germain Des Pres. I read that the place takes no reservations and there is often a que when it opens at noon and the fantastic oysters come from the Marenne-Oleron. We arrived 15 minutes prior to the restaurant opening its doors, with a que, but luckily we managed to get a seat outside in the shade. From the blue handmade plates to the clean-cut white interior, I loved the concept of a in and out fresh seafood bar that works according to its daily catch. I was hoping to get sea urchins, but since they were out of season we had a selection of different oysters, prawns and a scallop paté for starters. Dressed in a gucci-esq floral shirt and a white pleated skirt, my purse matched the shade of blue plates and we watched the traffic pass by and admired the Parisian buildings on the other side of the streets. What a cute little intimate place that is a little hidden form the main streets, I would totally suggest it a seafood lovers guide to Paris. Ps. Look at all these amazing buildings and wrought iron balconies?!






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