Stepping into ‘Old Paris’- Le Marais

Le Marais that is often refered to as “old Paris” is a neighbourhood to get lost in. Not only being one of the oldest areas in Paris, it holds the charm of a bygone where the small alleys fill with vintage shops, art galleries, boutiques, bakeries and cocktail bars.

The cobbled backstreets are made for meandering and you will find cute squares here and there such as Jardin des Roseirs. Dating back to the 12th century, the pre-revolutionary buildings have a medieval influence to them. Le Marais is a sexuality liberated artsy community that is also well-known as the Jewish quarter of Paris. You’ll find painters in quite corners and huge ques for falafel and the cutest little colourful doors all around the maze-like streets. Here are a few things you could find yourself doing in Le Marais:

  1. Have a flower shaped ice-cream from Amorino dressed with a colourful macaron
  2. Have lunch at Le Peitit Marche for an authentic lunch in a non touristy spot
  3. Lounge around in Jardin des Roseirs or The Place des Vosges admiring the beautiful manicured gardens with a takeaway Café Crème.
  4.  Visit the Picasso museum, explore all the little shops along the labyrinth streets and stop for wine in one of the many trendy cocktail bars that are hidden away in little squares.



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