Dreamy Umbrian Mornings

‘Slow mornings in Italy are good for the soul’ is what I always feel after starting my days in such tranquil places.  Waking up under the Umbrian sun in this beautiful villa is what dreams are made of as I open the creaking door to the damp mountain air. Perched up on hillside, the olive grove spreads as far as the eye can see, the air smells of rosemary as the sun rises beautifully over the pergola on our terrace. Our men (aka my hubby and brother) left early for golf, so P (sister-in-law) and I decided upon a relaxing pool day to ourselves. We started the day with a workout exploring the surroundings that were breathtaking by the way and then when my little nephew fell asleep, we found ourselves at poolside taking in the amazing June heat. We started the day with strong espresso, tea and indulged in yogurt bowls that had fresh peaches, huge figs and thyme from our own bushes.  This is what I call, true morning bliss…

fig brekkie view (1 of 1)

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