White Canvas with a splash of blue

The turquoise water is spread like a navy blanket that is clear as day light with tiny spiky balls of sea urchins laying in the shallow waters. The island stands out from the saturated blue waves, where the white canvas of the buildings is interrupted by the occasional splash of blue detail. The sidewalk has clumps of pots that sit unmoved, spilling bougainvillea with deep magenta petals and the houses sit in jaunty angles that surround with cute cobble pathways. It’s easy to get lost in the mesmerizing surroundings, as this is exactly what you imagine Greece to be like. All you want to do is explore one corner after the other in a matching silky kaftan and espadrilles to suit the relaxed lifestyle. From cats that match the walls they lean on, to plates of traditional cuisine, Mykonos has its charm that takes you under its Mediterranean spell as you step through the creaking doors into the magical world.


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