when in Paris…
I close my eyes and smell the large austin roses that burst with a hint of sweet myrrh. These bushes lay right next to the palace that are all facing upwards to take in the warm sun. A pigeon rests on the head of the statue and a few people sit on the side benches enjoying the views of the garden that is an endless row of perfectly manicured trees. We spot a jewish wedding shoot taking place and admire the peaceful haven in the middle of the city. I stroll through the palace in a ruffled shirt and ripped jeans that allow the fishnets to be exposed from the rips and ankles. The quirky style suits the mood of Palais Royal, untraditional in a way, what Paris fashion is all about.
The garden exposes as you walk past the double rows of columns of the palace that has perfectly manicured trees, beautiful landscaping and a fountain. If you walk far enough, there are shops, cafes and cute places to wander in and to sit down for coffee or champagne.  The quintessential Parisian garden is more hidden from tourists as it is not obviously exposed making it quit the gem. Meanwhile, the black and white striped courtyard (cour d’honneur) of the palace is a beautiful place to get lost in before it fills with masses of people all wanting to take the next insta-photo. There are 260 octagonal columns of different heights designed by Daniel Buren also known as ‘les colonnes de Buren‘. This controversial art installation was designed in the 80’s and was a symbolism of the new France that pushed through the old French capital. This little spot should be on your to-do list the next time you come to Paris. 



A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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