Capturing the simple beauty of everyday in southern Italy…

Masseria Potenti, you had me at these green vases… This prickly pear tree makes me stop and glance at it for a while as it stands alone beautifully against the bright white backdrop. I love the cacti style formation of it, as it sits day after day under the hot Italian heat. Occasionally one pear drops to the ground leaving a soggy pink print on the limestone tiles, but it quickly dries from the sun. As I sit on the edge of the tiles, I remember thinking how lovely my warm skin felt against the cooling surface on that hot day.

Looking back at these photos, it brings back the memories and feelings of that day; where the atmosphere was calm and peaceful. It all begins with the way the glass vases are arranged creating the perfect picture frame, the way the sunlight reflects against the bright surfaces, the tones of  the light blue door and the faded pears. The colour of the green/turquoise vases are purely striking and visually stimulating against the white tiles and I cannot get e.n.o.u.g.h. of them! Have you noticed that being present in an inspirational atmosphere like this creates that sense of relaxation? I’m grateful that with photography, I’ve learned to stop to capture beautiful moments and feel the surroundings in a new way than before. To intake the presence without distractions, to smell the air and listen to the stillness allows you to observe the depth of the moment. I think, taking small steps to become more present in today’s busy lives can be a catalyst for capturing positive calmness and quite liberating to many…






A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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