A girls guide to a relaxing day in Paris in the heart of Saint Germain…

The courtyard of the Ralph Lauren house (173 Boulevard) in Saint Germain is beautiful with its blue and white pillows and country-esq details. I could sip tea from these flower cups all day long, but because of the intense heat wave, my friend and I decided to walk around the dreamy neighbourhood and breathe it the rooftop views and call dips on the balcony you wished to own! I can’t get enough of little perfume shops and bakeries that have the most inviting window displays. This boho style ruffle dress has been a summer favourite this year, I love the flower embroidery, high neck line, layered ruffles and the slight baby doll draping it has. This dress is casual and elegant both at the same time and works great from simple day time tea to a fancier crab lunch with my girls!

If you’re strolling around 11 rue de Buci on Saint Germain, stop for a delicious seafood platter in L’Atlas. Do not hesitate, even though the place looks a bit like a touristic trap, you will be positively surprised if you order the classic moules marinières that are served in rustic copper pots with traditional fries, whole juicy crabs, oysters and other seafood. The lively atmosphere was a perfect place to stop with a bunch of my girlfriends as you sit right by the street, people watch and feel the buzz of Paris all in hub of Saint Germain.

Just look at these crabs, little shops and beautiful streets of Paris…

tea RL5 (1 of 1)

tea RL4 (1 of 1)








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