Heat Wave

Campello sul Clitunno, Italy

Next to our villa exists a tiny medieval village (close to spoleto) of campello sul clitunno that is nestled in the high hills of olive groves as far as the eyes can reach.  The view is quite spectacular from here, the castello stands out on the peak and is surrounded by its original walls that have kept the medieval heritage intact remaining back to the 14th century.

One morning when our men went our golfing, we decided to hike to the hilltop from our villa (keep in mind my sister-in-law was pushing a baby pram on the uneven roads) and I can tell you it was quite the workout in the intense heat when the thermometer starting pushing past 30 celsius degrees. But it was so great, we walked around the wiggly road in between the olive trees right into a beautiful limestone formation of houses, churches and a calming settlement inside the castle walls. Wild rosemary bushes grew in the corners of the pathways and faded roses stood still in the intense heat. The details on the church were beautiful and while my nephew played on the pebble ground, a cat sat in the shade observing every move. The views and feeling here were so serene in true Italian fashion.

Dressed in a white jumpsuit and a lace robe on a fine sunday, we headed out for a slow lunch to a traditional trattoria close to our villa. We had pre-scouted some Michelin guide restaurants from back home and made a reservation in advance to a trattoria that serves local robust cuisine called  Al Palazzaccio-da Piero. I can tell you it did not disappoint! We started with a shared antipasti and I followed this with some wild boar dumplings in a  broth and ended the course with some amazing roasted lamb stew that literally melted in my mouth. The cuisine was unpretentious and rustic, totally expected for the countryside atmosphere.

Gotta love the slow umbrian lifestyle

Above- the view of the castello from our villa




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