Sunrise in Viterbo

Viterbo, Umbria

I still remember the sunrise in Viterbo… I was awakened by the sound of the church bells and as I looked through our hotel window, I could see the pigeons bathing in the piazza fountain and the calming sun lay its rays on the on the corner of buildings.  I love the pigeon that sits on the edge of the fountain with its puffed up feathers that is taking in the heat of the sun. Ever now and then you could spot a silhouette in the window and sporadically the sound of a vespa in the background. The air was fresh as it was the beginning of autumn and it was our last day in Umbria before heading back home. Dressed in a white dress and casual boots, we headed out early after breakfast to explore the maze like streets of Viterbo. I can’t wait to go back in Italy in a few weeks time… 



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