Looking back at these pictures bring back June memories of our holiday, when the season of cherries was upon us. I still feel the moment of this morning, it was early and calm and I was enjoying the soft awakening of the nature in the countryside. My nephew was being fed in the kitchen and I was picking fresh herbs, grating lemon zest onto our morning bowls. I can almost feel the smell of the lemon and taste the sweetness of the cherries as I’m writing this post. The dark purple juicy pebbles make an easy breakfast when you combine them with pomegranate seeds/juice, yogurt and lemon zest and of course a few necessary herbs.

As you could sence the day was going to be a hot one, it was easiest to slip into a dark green monokini and feel the luxurious softness of the suede robe against my bare skin. I’m still so obsessed with this robe and looking back at these pictures, I love all the subtle green shades, from the olive branches to my outfit to the bowls and backdrop. When the early morning tiptoed upon us, the slowness of the countryside took over and allowed us to embrace silence so easily. You cannot get this feeling in the city and that is why I hold these country escapes even more dear to my heart.

Overlooking the mountains and eating breakfast on my favourite spot on the stone stairs was a real treat. I started this day barefoot to pick some fresh olive tree branches to decorate our table and was in awe of all the beauty around me. * Taking in a deep breath* I watched the sun cast shadows through the trees as it rose higher into the blue sky and I took another bite of my yogurt and let the day take over. 



A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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