when summer comes to an end…

As the dainty summer flowers have vanished from the ground and the baby ducklings are all grown up, our nature has sprung harvest upon us with its manicured fields and the forests have given us mushrooms and berries. I love those bare moments on hay fields when the surroundings are quiet and you feel the transition in the air, as autumn kissed the last summer days. It’s time to start pulling out those fur vests and felt hats that have patiently waited for the sight of fall. You feel like a free spirit here as my hem gently presses down the hay tickling against my bare legs. The breeze picks up my messy hair and tosses it into my face and while I push it to the side, I silently wish summer it’s goodbye. Today I have seen huge flocks of birds shaped like a “V” in the sky that have started their long journey to warmer destinations. Perhaps I’ll be seeing you in Italy! I know when I’ll come back, nature has become a saturated goddess and these pale tones are a distant memory.

It’s also those light countryside moments that I’ll miss, waking up and going to bed when there’s still a beautiful lightness everywhere. It’s those purple horizons and misty mornings that get me every time. Letting your skin breathe the clean country air that I often yearn for when living in the city, even though our city air is very clean. Dressing up breakfast into cute tea cups with sweet summer fruits are coming to an end as my herbs begin to wilt on the balcony. I’m going to miss the greenery of the leaves and being barefoot, even though the nature is soon at its most vibrant. After our holiday, we should be going to the countryside for a few days to pick up Bella, which is always a great welcoming when coming back home. I will be switching my gucci loafers into rubber boots and my ricotta toasts into rye porridge and the feeling is the best, every time.


Grilling season and delicious summer market treats have switched to roasts and more robust dishes, as the season for hearty stews and cozy moments by the fireplace begins. Its time for oversized knits, candles, blankets and woolen socks. One of my summer favourites was grilling baby artichokes and dipping them into yogurt chili dressing as its such a tasty easy snack. However, I’m ready to bring back autumn spices like cinnamon and turmeric and cook comforting soups as the evenings get colder.

So long summer, until next year! 







A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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