A fairytale bridge?

‘The prettiest bridge from a fairytale’

This hilltop town makes up from a collage of soft-stone houses that looks like it belongs in a harry potter scene. There is a fairytale-like vibe here, where the steep climb through the wiggly roads brings you through to the medieval culture-filled backstreets. Todi’s history shows on the interior walls to have Etruscan and Umbrian influence, while the middle walls are a great example of the Roman era. The town overlooks the beautiful Tevere valley that blossom with wildflowers and is located close to Orvieto, which is also a town worth visiting.

We climbed up the main road and entered through the large gate and stopped for some cappuccino in the small piazza. Ps. If you have a baby pram, you get a free workout pushing it up the hill as my brother and sister-in-law did! The town was extremely peaceful, with an occasional elderly sitting on some steps and watching the people stroll by. Why is it that coffee tastes so much better under an Italian white umbrella? As we climbed higher, I found the prettiest little bridge that had the most magnificent views. Not only was it the perfect photo spot, but I met a lovely friendly granny that lived right above the bridge. Look how she poses to the camera? The view was narrow with a deep drop as my eye moved from side to side picking up all the interesting little details of the street. Dressed in a blue and white striped dress, we explored the little roads and walked up to the main church. We also did a bit of shopping in a small farmers market that was set out on the outskirts of the town. We bought some zucchini flowers, anchovy filets and some vegetables to be used later for lunch back at the villa.

Todi, you were worth the visit! 





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