Another postcard-perfect town, Assisi is the most religious one out of all its neighbouring siblings that is a well-preserved medieval UNESCO heritage site. Assisi is a spell-binding jewel, that offers beauty around every corner from the typical hanging laundry from the old-fashioned windows to the cast iron balconies that overflow with flowers.

Last time we visited a few years ago and coming back here is a reminder that Assisi is an experience for the eye and the soul. We arrived in the morning to hear the buzz of piazza del comune, listened the church bells over espresso and watched the birds bathe in the fountains. Mothers watch their children chase the pigeons and pensioners sit on the stone benches observing the tourists pass by. The town is famous for being the birthplace of Saint Francis whom was one of the most beloved spiritual figures in the world. Therefore, Assisi is a pilgrimage stop for many around the world and there is common respect in the town that stems from the deep culture and religion.

Filled with high quality restaurants, Umbria is famous for its meat dishes,  particularly the roast suckling pig that is sold as street food here. Churches brim with art and piazzas fill with street musicians, after nibbling on some porchetta we cooled down from the heat with some popsicle (I had the pistachio white chocolate). The day passed quickly when admiring all the dreamy streets taking in the sacred land that Umbria offers.

On the left you can see the front facade of the Basilica of St. Francis that inside opens up to 13th-century frescoes






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