Grottaglie “citta della ceramica”

‘On the hunt for some ceramics…’

Also known as the “citta della ceramica“, Grottaglie is a small town dedicated to pottery. Grottaglie became familiar to us through Masseria Palombara that had the most beautiful colourful ceramic dishes. We liked them so much that wanted some for home and ended up in this town through the guidance of the masseria. There is a whimsical feeling to the place, partly perhaps because of the funky wall art and cute streets. unfortunately I didn’t capture any pictures of the art as it got dark fairly quickly, but rest assured there was a bit of a “willy wonk feeling to the place”. The town’s name stems from “grottoes” for the limestone caves that lay in ravines and hills in northern Puglia. Once you enter the old town, we walked to the quartiere delle ceramiche, that is an entire area dedicated to the ceramics. There are numerous manufacturers and shops to visit and can even see the technique of the crafting. We designed some dishes along with some pasta plates with beautiful side details with a unique coloring that gives us a piece of Puglia to have back home.



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