Smokey Greens

This weekend was dedicated to spending as much time outdoors as possible from mushroom picking to road trips along the beautiful country roads. There is nothing better than dressing comfortably in an oversized smokey green knit, a cute beanie, leather pants and holding a warm takeaway coffee as we drive off early morning feeling fresh. November is the pearl grey month, the change between crimson october to a winter white when the leaves gently fall down striping the trees to their barest.

Mr. N and I decided to take a road trip towards Hanko and drove through Inkoo and Tammisaari. Instead of taking the main highway we decided to drive the smaller countryside roads and enjoy the beautiful scenery. We saw some moose, a deer and a rabbit in the wild along with cute farm animals like sheep, chicken and horses. We wanted to have lunch at this farm cafe but as it was a public holiday, it was unfortunately closed. Instead we picked up treats from a local bakery and filled ourselves with sweet pastries, savory toasts and more cappuccino. I had such a delicious apple cinnamon pastry that tasted like the essence of fall.  Finland is so beautiful this time of year when autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.





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