This gourmet toast will the best you’ve ever had… A porcini toast (picked ourselves of course) with sweet pears and tangy gorgonzola makes the tastiest evening treat.

Caramelize pears: In a hot pan, add some butter, brown sugar and cloves.  As the butter melts, add the sliced pears and stir once in a while until they turn a golden colour. Add a pinch of salt and once they have absorbed all the sugary goodness, leave them to the side to cool.

Meanwhile, grill a slice of your favourite loaf. Add some green leaves, a few slices of the pears, gorgonzola bits and lastly, some beautiful porcini. To make the porcini, all you need to do is sauté them on a hot pan with butter with a twig of thyme. Add a pinch of salt/pepper to mushrooms and they are ready to be served. Voilá, ready to be eaten!


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