Christmas Magic


Christmas Eve,

We couldn’t have been more luckier with the sunny weather on Christmas Eve, the golden rays light up the forest as we took our traditional walk early morning. The frost coated the ground a pale white and the fresh crispy air gave us a real Christmas feel. We were greeted by three deer in the woods and enjoyed the exercise before the two-day feasting began!

During noon time it was time to ruffle up into a gucci-inspired floral outfit and head over to my brothers and sister-in-laws house where we decided to have the dinner this year. My parents came much later along with my hubby who was spending some time with his family first! The table was set to perfection, my little nephew was taking a nap and P & M were doing cooking preparations and eating rice porridge. We wished each other ‘Merry Christmas‘ and cracked open a bottle of champagne and put on some christmas tunes! As the hours passed we did some preparations, took pictures and played some with little B who was obsessed with his new toy lambo police car. As the sky started to fade into a dark night, dinner was served with the tree twinkling in the background and the fireplace flickering with ease.  All the foods were just amazing and once again I ate so much that I was about to explode!  We started the feast that was primarily fish based; all sorts of paté, moussé, grav-lax, chili shrimp, roe and assortments of smoked fish, herring that were all sourced from a small local business and then for the main some ham, beets, potatoes etc. For desert there was a choice between chocolate glögi cake and a lingonberry tart and naturally, I gobbled on both!  We ate so much that I had a 15 minute food coma that I thought I wouldn’t recover from but a little running behind little B made it so much better! We watched him open gifts and Mr. N’s and my little toy (all the way from Tropea) was a major hit! The evening ended with some trivial as the twinkling starlight sky blessed us with a wonderful evening.

On Christmas day, our easy morning began with coffee in bed and just relaxing before our round two of dinner started at my hubby’s parents place! We spent a wonderful evening basically with the same format as the night before so today on boxing day, it has been all about the pj’s! I hope everyone has eaten well and enjoyed the time together with their loved ones. Today is a day for leftovers and a lot of cuddles in bed! Christmas was truly magical and I’m feeling very blessed for it all.

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