Frosty Magic

Gone to the countryside,

A few days ago my friend and I woke up at our country house to a magical winter wonderland scenery. The absolute whiteness gives the nature a fairytale-like misty vibe, while the snow coated trees create that heaviness in the air. It’s silent in the midst of the woods, all I can hear is the snow creaking from under my sorrels and as I stop, I can see the steam from my breath against the dry cold air. It’s -23 celsius, the sun is glistening off the powder snow and the crisp air brings your lashes and hair tips to an instant freeze. Our countryside is breathtaking this time of year giving your mind an instant calming retreat. Here life revolves around the wintery nature where days are filled with refreshing walks, slow cooking and relaxing by the fireplace with a glass of wine after a calming sauna.

countryside frost (1 of 1)

countryside frost5 (1 of 1)

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