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Good Morning countryside!

Waking up from a good nights sleep in a wooden house is a recipe for an amazing start to the day. We spent Easter at my brothers and my sister-in-laws country place that is as idyllic as a little gingerbread house. It’s not every day your pj’s match the wallpaper so I couldn’t miss out on such photo opportunity. nevertheless, morning coffee overlooking the snowy nature is a calming sight that somebody from the city, highly respects.

Our days consisted of cooking, being outdoors and spending quality time together with the fam. For breakfast we enjoyed strawberry feta toasts, a sparking lunch was topped off with asparagus hollandaise and the remaining day was spent outdoors in the sunshine sipping on rose. We sled down the hill and played with little B, went to the sauna, played board games and grilled steaks in the evening and finished the night off with cheese and cake. We kept our woolen socks on all day long and cozied up indoors when it started to snow. The countryside has amazing capabilities for making you feel good. I have the best family ever and the cutest member is my little nephew who is so cheeky

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