Hey Venice, 

Despite having traveled copious amounts of times to Italy, Venice is one place I have never been to. The reason behind that has been solely because my hubby and I have always debated whether it has been tainted by tourism, where the quality of restaurants, service and authenticity suffers. I’ve heard you can easy get ripped off in prices if you are not careful (aka 50 euros for a juice & coffee), so I’m going there with a cautious frame of mind. On the contrary, I already know it will be a visual dream and it will be a beauty to explore. I imagine it is at its most beautiful when the tourists are not roaming around the covered streets and piazzas so the feeling is more peaceful. Hence, my hubby and I usually travel to smaller destinations to capture the purity of the place that is easily lost in such hub destinations, like with Santorini unfortunately. Anyhow, I’m intrigued by the thought of Venice, the maze like canals, the hometown to carppaccio, picturesque buildings and cozy cafes. I have a feeling I will not be able to put my camera down! My friend and I will fly there tomorrow for a week and we have quite a laid back itinerary on terms of what we want to see. They promised rain for the beginning of the week, so I think a stroll through the Guggenheim is in order while the sunnier days are dedicated to island hoping and seafood rosé lunches in the sun and leisurely strolling through the streets of Venice. I can’t wait to capture Venice in the soft misty morning light and equally gaze into the golden sunsets along the canal.

photo source found on my pinterest boards

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