Venice at 6.30am

There is so much beauty in the reflections of the canals that comes alive just after sunrise. I organized a private photography tour with renowned photo journalist/ Getty images ambassador Marco Secchi who led me through the breathtaking hidden streets of Venice. Not only did I get a lesson in culture as he is a local Venetian but also discovered gems that are less known to tourists. We started our walk at San Marco piazza and watched the sun rays peek through the palazzo columns. The square was pleasant at this time of morning, working men started their day early to avoid the warmth of the day while a few cooing pigeons zigzagged across the white tiles. Of course there were a few wedding shoots, along with other sunrise-chaser photographers. It was calm and peaceful and the salty seaweed smell dangled in the air. We discovered hidden courtyards and an abundance of different canals and got lost in the narrow streets for over 3 1/2 hours. With an espresso and apricot marmalade croissant taste in my mouth, courtesy of Secchi, Venice seemed like a pastel watercolour painting as I let my eyes wonder. I’m never seen such strong reflections that were interrupted by the few boats cutting through the mirage. No wonder, Venice was the playground to many artists and authors as the place exerts with art and inspiration. I had a prejudgment of Venice, but I was thankfully proven wrong.

Through my lens, I’ve tried to capture the calm essence of Venetian mornings. The stillness in the air that exemplifies in the pathways that shows through the perfect canal reflections. The pastel shades of the imperfect facades and that soft light that quickly changes after 10am. Venice, you are a natural to photograph.


Venice arches (1 of 1)

venice inner courtyard outview (1 of 1)




A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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