Countryside Breakfast Bliss

Good morning from the countryside,

I’m rested on the edge of the pier with the water at my feet and all I can hear is the sound of the gentle waves crashing against the rocks underneath me. It’s early morning and the lighting is soft and the delicate reed sways back and forth in the water. A seagull rests in the horizon, Bella explores the shallow waters and the sun reflects off the shiny cutlery that rest on my linen cloth. I think to myself, this is the ultimate place for relaxation, rest and tranquility. There is a certain feeling you get at the countryside that cannot be explained, its peaceful but raw, when you are in one with nature. To me, photography is an art of observation and it is little to do with the things you see, but with the way you see them. photography has taught me to capture the beauty in the ordinary.

My mother is making coffee in the house and my father and hubby are still asleep, so Bella and I had an early breakfast moment by the water to catch the pinkish faint light. Last night, we chargrilled some wild salmon in our stone oven so I decided to take advantage of the leftovers this morning. The local supermarket at our countryside has the best rye toast made by a small local bakery that tastes really robust, earthy with a sourdough finish. On each toast, I spread some cream cheese, added flakes of wild salmon, peas and radishes. I added lots of dill, spring onions, some oregano, black pepper and a pinch of salt. I picked some wild strawberries from the forest during my jog and sprinkled some on top of the toasts for a sweet bite. I also picked a bunch of harebell flowers as I love their lilac blue colour and delicate frame.

As I take another sip from my earl grey, I watch Bella enjoy herself and take in the warm rays of the morning sun. Nature has music for those who listen and here I can lose my mind and find my soul.

Nordic Style Rye Toast

  • Rye bread slices
  • Wild salmon
  • Radishes
  • Dill
  • Oregano
  • Summer peas
  • Cream cheese
  • Spring onions
  • Black pepper/pinch of salt
  • Wild Strawberries




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