Rainbowed Burano

‘ When your hungover in Burano, enjoy a 7 hour seafood lunch in a rainbowed street of cute houses’

Burano Island, Venice

The colourful island of Burano was a highlight of our Venice trip with its simple lifestyle and authentic charm. The picturesque village fills with vibrant little houses that lays in the Venetian lagoon just about an hour away. The brightness of the houses is significant as it aids in guiding fisherman back home during heavy fogging. The contrast in the colours help identify individual houses after a long day of being at sea, it makes it more simple to come back home. The fishing village is also known for its exquisite lace that dates back to the 1500s that used to be traded across Europe. You will find little lace and linen boutiques scattered all around the island that fills with hand crafted work. Of course, I could not return home without having bought an amazing handmade tablecloth that fits on a 16 seated table. Yellows, greens, blues and fuchsia, you name it, it’s a rainbow of narrow streets!

The sleepy village is a photographers dream, where the buildings weathered charm and narrow roads makes it easy to get lost in for hours. However, it is solely not enough to roam the beautiful streets of Burano, but it is an absolute must to indulge in some amazing seafood at restaurant Al Gatto Nero. Not only are the prices here refreshing in comparison to Venice and do note, that a reservation is a must! Make sure to ask for a table outside to take in the views of the beautiful canal and if your lucky, a seafood delivery may come in while your dining. I made sure to reserve a table from back home a few weeks in advance and I’m glad I did as the place was buzzing with cues lined up outside. Now, I will fill you in on a little detail from that day: My friend and I arrived to Burano at about 11.00 am with a little bit (and I mean a huge) of a hangover that I havent experienced in years! I never get hangovers but the night before, we ended up having a feast at restaurant Da Ivo and went to bed much later than we anticipated! So once we arrived to Burano, we needed to get some food and water into us and we walked straight up to the restaurant even though our reservation was only at 12.30. We were greeted by the charming owner Massi whom handed over a glass of wine for us (I guess he saw our struggle was real) and let us sit in one of that tables even though the restaurant was not even open. He brought us bread and lots of water and said that this would cure our hangover and continued to offer us more wine. The staff was so friendly, we ended up sitting there for over 7 hours and tested so many amazing seafood delicacies from the menu. The food was simple, authentic, just the way Italians love it. We ended up having coffee with the owner after it was closed for lunch time whom told us stories about the ideology of the restaurants and we exchanged our views on food culture. It was fascinating and left a great memory for us to take back home! They ended up calling us the crazy Finnish ladies and we enjoyed the experience and charm of the restaurant. Massi and his father fish fresh produce on a daily basis and serve what they catch, so the menu can change accordingly. I can honestly say, it was a highlight of the entire Venetian trip because it is not a given, that you find amazing food in Venice. The overall experience was memorable for my friend and I and we ended up eating eight courses of amazing seafood.

Later, we strolled around the calm island, ate some gelato for dessert and let our cameras work their magic over the evening light. We ordered a boat back to our hotel during sunset that fell over the lagoon making it a magical way to end an amazing day. We wanted to return the next day to eat there again, but the restaurant was closed for a wedding, but I will for sure be going back to Al Gatto Nero, if I’m ever back in Venice!

Note: You can reach the island by a vaporetto (a water bus) or book a private boat ride (one way ride is about 130€), which I’m sure your hotel will be happy to arrange for you. The private boat is a lovely experience that I highly recommend !

10.00 am, feeling like utter s*** on our boat, but at least I looked fab in my pj set and bamboo bag!


Enjoying some amazing food: the large scallops in tomato were my favourite!

just another beautiful door and the most beautiful faded pink walls 


a cute local boy and more food, some baby artichoke and shrimp pasta

burano baby scallops (1 of 1)





The old wooden window and baby blue wall are both just perfect with all their imperfections


Venice Burano icecream1 (1 of 1)


sunset over the lagoon as we drive back to Venice!


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