Summer Strolls in Tallinn


‘Summer day trip to Tallinn’

For visitors arriving to Helsinki for holiday, take advantage of the ferry ride over to Tallinn, stroll a few hours and take the boat back for the evening. Tallinn has a lot to offer during the summer, but it is equally as pretty during the winter or spring. The old town that is the heart of the city fills with spilling terraces off the small lanes and people getting lost in the pretty colourful streets.

We arrived to Tallinn at 9.30am and walked over to a spa (sinine salong) for some morning facials and manicure. It was amazing to start the day with an hour of facial relaxation and to give you that boost and proper wakeup. Ready for more coffee, we walked over to the old town for a bit of a stroll. I stopped to purchase peonies (love the flower stands right at the start of the old town) and we strolled around the cute pastel streets visiting shops and cafes. The weather was sunny and hot, we did a bit of shopping and later stopped at the ”seafood bar” for some starters. We sat in the courtyard terrace and enjoyed some salmon sashimi and lobster to keep it lovely and light. Afterwards we were ready to take on the city again and explored more of the little streets. Tallinn is filled with hidden courtyards, viewing points, antic and craft shops with a vast amount of culture. The medieval facades, wooden suburbs and defence structures and gothic architecture gives Tallinn a fairytale-esq feeling.

Tallinn is beautiful during the summer time, get lost in the old town and wander without purpose. Climb to the Toompea hill for a high view and visit the Dome church if you wish. Tallinn is filled with beautiful churches that you can admire along your casual stroll. All the pink houses and wooden doors are too cute not to photograph and let the architecture talk for itself.

I booked a second table reservation for us at restaurant Moon’s lovely terrace to enjoy a proper meal before heading back to Helsinki at 19.00, which was a great way to end the day.

Restaurant tip: Moon (address: Vorgu 3, Tallinn 10415)

The Seafood Bar ( address: Viru 23, 10111)





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Moon always serves amazing food and the ambience in their ”Parisian style” terrace is just brilliant. I ate blinis and the most delicious beef tartar. For dessert we enjoyed some pavlova, limoncello and cappuccino. Ps. I love how my D&G bag suits the iron chairs.







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