‘A simple way to get your coffee dose this summer’

Saturday Morning 7.30am

That first coffee of the day is something I really look forward to. It’s the feeling behind it, the idea of embracing the moment of letting it linger down your throat, without rush and in peace. Today, the sky is clear blue and the streets are silent and empty, just a few dog walkers and joggers pass by as I relax on the balcony. I’m waiting for the gym to open, so I thought I’d have a slow morning and read a few pages from my book and enjoy that first cup of coffee. August is in full swing, which means these hot mornings call for iced coffee. And if you’re anything like me, lots of it. I made many batches of espresso and let it cool before placing them into cube trays to freeze, but you could equally pour your regular old leftover coffee into them. Once they are frozen, pop some into a glass and pour ice-cold milk on top and let them work their magic together. I love the strong espresso flavour once it hits your lips that marries so well with the creamy milk. I love it just natural and I don’t think it needs an sweetening, but you could for example, flavour it with some vanilla or cardamom with a touch of syrup.

This summer has been so hot this year that some of the flowers on our balcony can’t take the constant heat. Our balcony is a really warm spot ( best for sunbathing) as we are on the top floor, little wind and the sun shines on it the entire day. Even though I’ve watered my plants on a daily basis, some of the flowers shrivel up but the olive trees are loving every second of it. The tomatoes and chilis also love the warmth, the little tree is growing its second round already! Another sip of chilled coffee and it’s time to start the day! A friend of mine has arrived from London and today it’s time for another crayfish party in the evening! Have an amazing weekend darlings!


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