Crayfish Party Countryside Style


‘August & Cray fish go hand in hand’

August is in full swing… With the apples blooming in the 100-year-old trees, the table is set with 100 crayfish, we are dressed in flowy dresses and ready to kick off crayfish season! My little nephew is picking apples from the ground to show off his treasures & it’s time for the little one to go to bed while dinner time approaches! “Good Night little B” we say as he gets carried inside and then, it was time for some red favourites! Oh how good they tasted, so salty and juicy and always so delicious! And the size of the claws!! Although we ate may too much (25 +13 sized crayfish/person), as my brother went a little overboard with the delivery, our fingers were filled with tiny scars, but every bite was worth it! Mr. N and I felt really spoiled and when they pulled up my favourite Ruinart champagne, it was the icing on the cake! A sip of ice-cold bubbly with a garlic butter crayfish toast when surrounded with such amazing people who I can call my family, makes this life that much more amazing! Just as we popped the bottle open, it started pouring with rain, but the feeling was actually lovely and cozy as we were sheltered in the patio! It was a quick thunderstorm that cleared up fast and the remaining evening casted us with an amazing golden hour. It took as a while to eat all the crayfish and the main course and dessert was left to be eaten inside! What an amazing time it was!










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