‘A walk through the prettiest streets of Venice’

Leaving our hotel Palazzetto Pisani, walk through the long narrow Campo Santo Stefano that lines with little cafes, shops and restaurants, away from the Grand Canal & Glasstress le Biennale, for example to the streets around Piscina San Samuele. This area is filled with the mot prettiest pinkish houses with turquoise windows and roses spill from every corner. Study the old detailed doors, smell the hanging laundry and let your eyes be filled with Venetian beauty. Stop for an espresso or a antipasta plate in one of the places and roam free around every corner. You will quickly notice, that the end ends are exceptionally beautiful. Cross over to San Polo district via the bridge by institute Europeo di Design or by the Rialto bridge and crisscross to the beautiful Campo San Giacomo dell’Orio. Eat lunch at La Patatina on Santa Croce 1587 and make sure to order the catch of the day, the grilled whole seabass. The square is really cozy and calm that has the prettiest church in the middle, filled with lots of locals and elderly sitting under shaded trees. After lunch take a turn towards the Rialto Mercato (market) and walk around the winding streets of the area. San Palo has a reputation of a food district so make sure to stop for wine and chichetti and shop for spices in Antica Drogheria Mascari. I wish I could bottle up the smell of the roses that hung off the brick walls and freeze time on the perfectly reflective canals. I wish I could share the smell of the espresso shops that hid in little corners and the aftertaste of dry tangy parmigiano in between little chichetti breads. I wish you could walk in my shoes through these little streets and capture the most darling facades Venice has to offer.

All these dead-ends are really beautiful and I love the colour combinations of all these buildings.

We stopped for some smoothie popsicles by the market, but since we came so late, all the food stands were cleared away already! You must experience the hassle of it all in the morning as I did with my local guide and see all the fresh vegetables, fish and seafood, spices and all that!

I mean, just look at these pretty little bridges and walls of sun-baked roses. I love how the tiles are faded from the sun and how calming the reflective canals can be.

above: Campo San Giacomo dell’Orio

Look at the size of these garden roses and how the flowers spill from the balconies! 

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