Pinkish Porvoo

‘The last summer days in cozy Porvoo’

All you want to do here is walk around, take cute pictures and sit in one of the many cafes… Porvoo the little town with perfectly decorated windows, idyllic wooden houses that are a soft pastel hue and cozy streets that fill with tiny shops, cafés and restaurants. Dressed in a metallic pink dress, I seamlessly matched the wooden cottages and my hubby and I strolled from restaurant to cafe´s tasting dishes from various places as there was a food event (SMAKU) taking place. Basically restaurants provide a small dish for about 5 euros and you hop to different places tasting all samples. We ate some carpaccio, fish, snails, veggie dishes and a few deserts! Porvoo is equally as idyllic in the winter time and all you want to do is snuggle inside the cute coffee shops sipping on warm drinks. Porvoo is highly photogenic with a lot of Scandinavian charm.

Favourite restaurants 

  • SicaPelle
  • Meat district
  • Bistro Sinne
  • Johans

Favourite cafes

  • cafe Glassico
  • cafe Postres
  • cafe Fanny
  • Petris Chocolate Room
  • Cafe Cabriale

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