Slow Mornings with Berry Toast.

‘slow countryside mornings with tasty berry toast’

We spent the weekend at my brother and sister-in-laws summer cottage a bit before our holiday to Italy and France, when the weather was still delightfully warm. We picked lots of berries from the garden and one slow morning, still in our pj’s we made delicious berry-infused toast with lots of cups of tea and coffee. My nephew was the cutest little helper picking apples and berries into his one little trolley and of course, Bella followed his every move. We went to feed the horses, catched some sun rays and enjoyed the most relaxing weekend. The aesthetics here are on point, we both match each other in style and colour hues, all three of us have really blonde hair blowing in the gentle breeze and the surroundings fit seamlessly together. Even the coffee cups match my floral pj’s. Totally picture-perfect and this could have been a shoot for ‘Country living magazine’! hahah

To make the toast: Toast some rustic loaf adding a generous spread of cream cheese on top. Grate a bit of lemon zest on top. Release some cherry flavour by mushing some juicy cherries on top of the cream cheese breaking its texture. Sprinkle some salty pistachio on top. Top the spread with your favourite berries; such as gooseberry, red/ black current. Lastly add a few mint leaves and eatable flowers on top for the prettiest and tastiest garnish.


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Love all the old apple trees that grow in their garden, autumn is one of the most pretty seasons! The picture on the left is the view coming down the stairs and you see the beauty of the morning light hit all the white surface.

Love my sister in laws summer basket and on the wall they have old sailing pictures from when my brother and I were young.


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