‘Sipping on morning tea to the movement of the sun’

I’m curled comfortably on our terrace chair listening to the intense noise of the birds that have awakened to another beautiful morning in Masseria Palombara in southern italy. It’s early morning, around 7am and as my hubby is still inside our room, I wanted a calm moment to myself before the start of the day. Little butterflies land on the rosemary bushes that are blinded by the low sun and the delicate wild flowers in front our terrace are gently swaying in the much-loved breeze. The green oranges on the tree soak up the sun and little by little, the sunlight elevates to the sky.  I’ve made a darling pre-breakfast setup aka. reading corner on our terrace with black tea and a generous slice of freshly made almond ricotta cake. Almonds have the most intense woody flavour here as they have an almond grove in the premises, where they pick and dry them this time of year. So the lovely tangy and sweet tea cake has a strong earthy flavour to it from the nuts. As I’m sipping on my tea from the most beautiful cup, I get lost in a few pages from my book and enjoy nibbling on the cake with no rush at all. Mornings here are quite magnificent, its peaceful and cozy, the epitome of morning bliss, the southern way.


One morning we went to the gardens to help the farmers pick fresh produce for the day and we saw the freshly picked almonds drying on the ground.


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